Professional TV Mounting Services in Ballantyne, North Carolina

Residents in Ballantyne Charlotte, NC will know that when arranging rooms there are several things to consider. Whether you’re installing your new TV in the living room, bedroom, kitchen or media room, you’ll need to consider furniture placement, the lighting, and perhaps most importantly the TV’s new home.

The professional installers at Infinite Designs can provide you with a high standard of service for commercial and residential installations, as well as advice on the height and area your TV will mount best. Whether you are settled in your home or office, or moving to a new space, Infinite Designs can reduce all of that unnecessary stress by providing you with a high-quality service.

Why Choose Infinite Designs?

As the top installer in Ballantyne Charlotte, Infinite Designs is experienced and professional with years of experience. The company is licensed and insured for TV mounting and TV installation. Their team is trained to hang your television on a fireplace, drywall, brick or stone wall. The team has completed thousands of TVs installations, and are adept at hiding wires in the wall.

Whether you are buying a brand-new television set, or you’re looking to get your current equipment mounted, Infinite Designs can help.

There’s no need to traipse the town looking for a specific wall mount, because Infinite Designs’ professional installers carry a wide variety of mounts and the price is included in your installation fee. Whether you want a tilt, static mount or an adjustable arm. Whether they’re hanging a smart TV, projector, flat screen or 4k TV, their professional installers take the greatest care.

They will always use the right mount for the wall that the TV is being mounted on, as well as the weight and size of the TV being mounted. You may have two professional installers assigned to your project, dependent on the size of your TV.

Any TV, Any Size, ANYWHERE!

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to create a home theater in a commercial setting, apartment or house. We'll help you create a stunning look with minimal investment.

Mounting your TV offers your space an elegant and stylish décor to really finish any room. Using a professional company ensures the correct TV mount is used for the size and weight of your equipment, and the engineer can install on wood studs, metal studs or no studs. The installer will make suggestions based on the size and space of the area, at what height would best suit to ensure that you can enjoy your viewing experience.

Additionally, if you don’t have speakers or a sound bar under the TV, ask your engineer about what sound options Infinite Designs offers.

There should be an electrical outlet behind every TV, or as close to it as possible. This makes creating a wireless look simple and easy- in cases where this is not possible a plastic casing can be installed to secure the wires. This can be painted to match the wall color.

Mounts for Any Room or Function

Choosing a tilt mount offers you the ability to mount your TV higher, without risking neck strain and migraines from straining your eyes. It also reduces screen glare. They’re available in different models and structures and can rotate from five to fifteen degrees.

Smaller sets are perfect for adjustable arm mounts to allow viewers to swivel or tilt the TV to ensure it can be seen from every angle. It can also remain flat against the wall, depending on the situation. This is the perfect option for kitchens, and many commercial settings.

If you are looking to mount your TV in the corner of your room, there’s a mount for that, too. It’s easy to keep your wires and cables concealed and provides everyone in the room with a clear view of the screen.

Wall mounts offer security and sturdiness and are easy to match to your exact needs. The Infinite Designs engineer will be able to advise you on the right mount for the look and feel you are trying to achieve, as well as ensuring it’s secure and safe.

Infinite Designs assists in providing their customers with an improvement on their current lifestyle in the most simple and efficient manner possible. Affordable pricing and years of experience makes them the best installers in Ballantyne Charlotte, NC. You’ll receive a high quality of customer service and workmanship.

Increased Safety and Added Convenience with Infinite Designs

Mounting your TV protects it from children and pets, as well as accidents. So, if you are looking for professional installation in Ballantyne Charlotte NC for your 4K, smart, flat screen, or projector then look no further than Infinite Designs. Their services include installing, hanging, and TV mounting and their experts can assist you in customizing any room to create the perfect home theater experience.

Those big box stores are sales driven and their teams are only interested in selling you extras that you don’t need. Infinite Designs professional installers don’t push products you don’t need. In fact, the installer can even pick your new TV up from the store, saving you from waiting for those pesky delivery drivers to turn up.

The professional installers are highly trained and skilled to install any type of television, on any type of wall, and will install your television as well as all of the components. Not only will they program the remote, but they’ll even show you how to use it all once they’re done with the installation process!

Our professional installers offer more than just television installation services. They provide you with years of experience and install audio systems, too. You only need to make one phone call to have your home theater installed to work in perfect harmony.

Your Infinite Designs engineer will integrate your system or set it up from scratch. They even clean up any mess before they go! They are happy to work with each individual client to ensure your exact specifications are met. You don’t need to worry about a single thing. For more information, visit Infinite Designs or click the button below to schedule your installation!